Namsterdam [EP]
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Joseph "Namek" Huicochea, Joseph "Namek" Huicochea, is the newest member of Bud E Boy Entertainment. A Mexican American MC, born May 22nd 1989, in West Covina, CA. Namek reintroduces G FUNK to the new generation?!! Heavily influenced by production from the likes of DJ Battlecat, DJ Quik, Warren G and Daz, the G Funk sound has and continues to play a big role in Namek’s art.

Since his first recorded verse at the age of 14, the evolution of Namek has strongly grown. He has continued to show an undeniable passion for the art of rhyme. Some say Namek’s musical journey truly started in 2007, when he teamed up with Chamber Rec, a local hiphop crew based out of West Covina, CA. From his musical grind, Namek has managed to compile 6 full length projects, with a classic “LA underground sound” as well as make a name for himself, hooking up with cats like Abstract Rude and other OG’s in the game.

Namek’s next upcoming project “Namsterdam” drops in June 26, 2017 under Bud E Boy Ent. Some say, it will be considered to be the re-birth of westcoast 90’s hiphop and will bring back that old skool feel. The project features a mix of funky basslines from OG bassist Payback, soulful keys from Garrett Hoy and all around great quality production/engineering by Frankie Valentine @ Open Eye Studios. Not to mention, a few collabos with some west coast vets such as Kokane, Ras Kass and Roscoe of Tha Dogg Pound. With this album he hopes to keep the California G Funk sound alive. It something that everybody's hood can relate to. Definitely a smoothed out Gfunk album, catchy chorus with game running lyrics that typify a young lad's aspirations for coming up in the world, having fun with the ladies, and holding the fort down with his real homies. In times that seem to wanna build more walls between us, this collaboration is proof that hip-hop has power to bring us all together. - ABSTRACT RUDE (Rhymesayers Entertainment) on the song Hold It Down.

It seems like the sky’s the limit for Namek, or as his people like to call him, “Nammie Nams”. We can only wait and see where this musical journey decides to take him. All we know is we’ll be rooting for him.

Reputable sources respond:-“I’m happy to have you aboard the BudEBoy camp because you fit right in. You are the new legs of G Funk continuing this G Funk legacy.” – KOKANE


Bud E Boy artist "Namek" just drop his his first project under Bud E Boy Recordz entitled, "Namsterdam" and also single, "Raider Nation" anthem music for all Raiders FANS!

  • 2016 - Namek joins Bud E Boy Recordz

Namek - Raider Nation [Official Video]

Namek - Take It To The Top [Official Video]

off of Namek's "Namsterdam"

Namek - Hold It Down (feat. Kokane) [Official Video]