Edward LaCour Jr. / 720 Edward LaCour Jr., is a stage-trained actor and the CEO of Due Process Recordings and Filmwerks. Mr. LaCour performs as a rap artist under the moniker “720” or 7Dubbz. Mr. LaCour hails from the city of Aurora, Illinois, a gang-infested suburb of Chicago. His ground-breaking lyrics bring to mind the golden era of hip-hop with its timeliness and sometimes grim reality. Record producer Steve Smith says, “In this down economy, 7Dubbz is definitely a banger for your buck.” 720 left the Chicagoland area after finally tiring of the smoke, gunfire and prison scene and came to Los Angeles, California in 2005 to pursue his vision to be a catalyst for change in the status quo and cronyism prevalent in Multimedia Entertainment. His goal is to give children some alternatives to the apathetic entertainment outlets currently available. 720 founded Due Process Recordings and Filmwerks as the vehicle for his pursuits in film and music and as a rallying point for his agenda, “The Reclamation of Sons,” supported by a strict Code of Ethics and Guidelines. His plan is to give newcomers a chance to shine and combat the stagnant favoritism in urban media. Serge, owner of the popular Serge’s Records on Vernon Street in South Central, L.A, says, “God is the truth, but this dude tells it.” Edward LaCour, Jr., AKA 720 stopped being a criminal in order to become a citizen. His status as a convict only shows in his absolute respect and circumspectness. His sound is hot, prophetic, avant-garde, and a whiff of frankincense on a fetid field.

720MMG 2018