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Welcome to BudEBoyENT.com - an Independent Record Label started & owned by Jerry B. Long aka The Legendary Kokane [OGLong]. Bud E Boy is ran by a team of hard working individuals in the music industry; Mrs. Alicia Long "Vice President", J.B.L aka Kokane (CEO), & Naji OGLong. Budeboy artist includes; Kokane, Aanisah Long (Singer), Babee Loc (Gangsta Reggae), Truth tha Brainchild (Rapper), Tha Xtraz (Music Group), Ishan Cooper (Australian Gutarist), GD Da Beast (Rapper). Bud E Boy music producers includes; Kokane, David Williams, Big Squeeze. Bud E Boy is the new Motown and we're going "Worldwide" with various artist from different genre's, bringing entertainment at it's best!


Out of my Mind

Kokane is an artist of many talents! He recently teamed up w/ his wife Alicia Long whom is the Vice President Of Bud E Boy Ent to put together a project that is best fitting for Valentines. The new album is called "Lady Kokane Presents: Kokane Love Songs" it drops February 10, 2015 Valentines Day Week. This album reintroduces a sound taken from the elements of 70's, 80's, & 90's R&B Soul Music. Kokane definitely reached back into his fathers (Jerry B. Long Sr.) roots, whom was a great writer & composer of Motown in the 60's. So sit back & enjoy the ride & warning this sh*t is some baby making music! R&B for gangsta's & the Ladies. Visit www.budeboyent.com to grab the whole Kokane collection. Buy on Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lad...

The New single "Halla" is Available Now! off Kokane's upcoming {24yr Anniversary Album}, schedule to drop in March via #BUDEBOYENT. Produced by Meech & Sean Wells, Video filmed by Yg Preach. This single is part of the ongoing "Black is Beautiful" campaign. Kokane will be highlighting GREAT BLACK ENTERTAINERS , Inventers , civil rights leaders, Atheletes , Authors , etc; and thier impact and contribution to the world...

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